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REV has innovated a non-prescription topical formulation enhancing the bio-chemistry process for muscle relaxation, and increased blood flow improving athletic mobility and sexual performance at the point of contact. We use our science to create a healthy lifestyle.



Business Summary

Maintaining physical performance is key to long-term personal satisfaction. As one ages, becomes busy, or fatigued, naturally-occurring processes in the human body diminish and physical performance begin to lag. This can cost the sports franchise millions, a recreational athlete seconds, and diminish satisfaction with your intimate partner. Decreased blood flow in muscles can create cramps, stiffness, soreness and problems in the bedroom. REV’s goal is to develop and commercialize over-the-counter (OTC) nutrient-based topical products that Replenish, Enhance, and Vitalize the individual. The market place is full of products which claim to solve this problem, but either don’t work or have serious side effects. In order to get the most out of life’s activities, Rev’s products will promote blood flow, muscle relaxation & recovery, and nitric oxide production in user-friendly topical products, promoting normal healthy function in both the athletic and sexual health marketplace.

Our Company

REV Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“REV” or the “Company”) is a pharmaceutical company engaged in developing and marketing cutting-edge nutraceutical-based products to create revolutionary improvements in health and wellness. REV Pharmaceuticals brings together the best of human biology, pharma/medical device development, business operations, and product commercialization.  The company is founded by renowned Scientists and Entrepreneurs with proven track records. Over the last 10 years, three scientists researched the biochemistry to develop natural products that do not require a prescription (over-the-counter (OTC)), are easy to use, convenient to purchase, and discrete. Rev’s products are topically applied to the area of the body where their promotion is desired, creating safe and targeted delivery. They discovered and patented (pending) a 2-component synergistic formulation aptly named “REV-Advance Technology,” which is utilized as a platform technology in a variety of commercial applications. REV’s aspiration is to become the health and wellness lifestyle company of choice. Our mantra is “Any time of life can be the best time of your life when you stay active”. The Founders’ extensive knowledge of biochemistry and a thorough understanding of the limitations of currently available topical creams, lubricants, drugs, and medical devices has resulted in the creation of two flagship products, a sports health cream (used pre-exercise for superior performance and post exercise for quick recovery), and a dual-sexual enhancement lubricant that has generated high satisfaction scores in initial clinical surveys for both women and men.

The Team

Marnie Peterson 

Ph.D., PharmD.
Chairwoman and
   Chief Science Officer    

20 years of experience in experimental and clinical pharmacology. Inventor  and developer of therapeutics. Held a tenured faculty position at the University of Minnesota and developed a $9 million funded research program.  Product and Board level Expertise


Tony Lemus

Chief Executive Officer

Over 30 years experience in medical devices and pharmaceuticals as a bio-engineer, senior management executive and in technology business development. He is a co-founder of 3 successful business startups and has previous tenure with Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Allergan, and American Medical Systems.


Beth Brown

Ph.D., R.Ph.
Chief Technology


20 years of leadership experience in pharmaceutical development and commercialization of over 30 products.  Design for Six Sigma Black Belt and Registered Pharmacist.  Held positions at Upsher-Smith, Gilead Sciences, 3M, CIMA LABS & Rebiotix


John Cahoon
Chief Financial Officer 

Background in a variety of industries including medical products, biotech, fitness, cosmetics, electronics, industrial, and aerospace. Experienced investment banker, supply chain executive, marketer, consultant, and co-founded multiple successful start-ups.



Sports Health

REV incorporates its own proprietary “REV-Advance” technology with a pain reliever in an elegant, silky, fast-absorbing topical product. The “REV-Advance” technology has two potent ingredients that promote increased blood flow.  Applying the product to large muscles will create vasodilation, increasing blood flow to remove muscle waste products, relax blood vessels to reduce cramping, and increase the presence of nitric oxide needed for nutrient transport. This action results in the dissipation of lactic acid, as well as other waste products during and after muscle exertion, allowing improved performance and faster recovery. Along with athletes, the product has also been successful for non-athletes who have stiffness in joints or muscles. The product can also be used in many applications, like muscle relaxation after a long air flight, massage, and alleviating muscle stiffness from sitting down at a desk all day.

Sexual Health

REV Sexual Health’s product is a revolutionary, clinically proven sexual stimulation lubricant that is effective for both women and men. The stimulation experience for women is more sensitivity, arousal, and lubrication for the sex organs that often results in a stronger orgasm. The stimulation experience for men is more sensation for the sex organs that often results in a stronger, firmer erection. By direct topical application of the REV product to the sexual areas, the product works locally, avoiding side effects that may occur with other products taken by mouth and metabolized through the liver and other vital organs.

The product is easy to apply during intimate moments and the effect begins instantly. REV has scientific experience with nitric oxide and muscle relaxant biochemistry and its scientific staff are some of the leading experts in sexual performance enhancements that created this product. 



For any inquiries, questions or investment opportunities, please contact:

John Cahoon, CFO

(714) 801-2059

REV Pharmaceuticals Inc.

3545 S Park Dr,

Jackson, WY 83001

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